2016 in pictures 

2016 was our busiest year yet, thanks to the arrival of our bouncing baby boy in February.  It’s crazy how quickly a year can go, this time last year I was just preparing to go on maternity leave and now I have an almost 1 year old.


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I love this photo, in the latter stages of pregnancy I made sure we took weekly photos so I could remember my bump.  I wish I had taken photos throughout my pregnancy, I will try and do that next time for sure.  I loved this top, I think by the time I gave birth it was the only one that my bump would fit in!



Our little spoon head xx

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My first ever photo of Oliver an hour or so after he was born.  Look at those little spoon marks on his face, he still has marks now the poor thing!  I couldn’t believe that he had so much hair when he was born, I was expecting a baldy baby as I was one!


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My first mother’s day with my little squidge, I love this photo as he is actually looking at me and it’s a rare shot of us two which isn’t one of my mad selfies!


This photo I took after Oliver had been for his JoJo Maman Bebe photoshoot, he was so tired he fell asleep on his changing mat when I changed his nappy (the first and only time!) obviously being a baby model was just too much!


He loves his outfit from you @suzytut @andykmil

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This is one of my all time favourites, he was so happy!  Oliver has such a great sense of humour and I think this was about the time it really started showing.


Super proud of little Oliver on how well he did yesterday, he definitely enjoyed the wedding!

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This one was from my best friend’s wedding.  I was so anxious as I had to leave Oliver for the first time for a few hours before the wedding,  I was worried because he was still feeding ever 2-3 hours and I knew he was going to be due a feed mid-wedding.  Luckily he kept quiet and happily waited until we had finished the service!


Oliver’s big day – his Christening.  Here he’s pictured with his godmothers, my best friends.  We had such a lovely day, it was so hot and we had a party in the garden, Oliver loved all of the attention!


Cannot get enough of his cheeky smile 😍

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Oliver first started weaning in August.  This is from the early days of weaning when he would entertain a banana.  Nowadays he just chucks them away and won’t eat them!


He does love his little tikes car!

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Stu spent months working on this cozy coupe.  We bought it second hand as Stu wanted to modify it to take along to car shows, he added a harness and Oliver loved sitting in it and being wheeled around.  Oliver LOVES a steering wheel so he will happily play in this for ages!


The pumpkin was such a hit!  It took me ages to get around to carving it because Oliver really enjoyed playing with it, pushing it around and banging his hands on it.  He loves anything that makes a noise.


This photo was taken on Stu’s birthday trip to Mercedes-Benz World on Oliver’s 9 month birthday.  He enjoyed going in the cars and testing their steering wheels!


Merry Christmas everyone!

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Well of course I had to choose his Christmas morning shot!  Doesn’t he look cute?  The hat stayed on all of 30 seconds!

That’s my 2016 in photos.  I can’t believe it’s already 2017 and how much my baby has changed in such a short period of time.  I’m looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for us!

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