Baby Print Christmas Cards

I’m forever inspired by Pinterest and in the past few weeks whilst trawling through all the Christmas craft pages I was inspired to make some Christmas cards featuring a certain someone’s footprints!  I popped into my local Hobbycraft (by local I mean a good 13 miles away) and picked up some paint, Pom poms and googly eyes. 

I have one of the JoJo Maman Bebe splash mats which I actually bought to take to friends and families houses so Oliver doesn’t destroy their carpet when he’s eating a meal, but also doubles up as a brilliant art and crafts mat! Paint wipes off of it easily and it protects the floor. 

I digress, I decided to confine us to the kitchen so Oliver couldn’t escape and paint my wood flooring and carpets! Oliver played ball 99% of the time and let me paint his foot and stamp it, after about 5 cards he started getting grouchy and flinging his legs around, so I quickly cleaned his feet (WaterWipes are BRILLIANT for this!). He went for a nap and I spent the time doing the decorations on the card, adding eyes, antlers and a nose to the brown footprints and a glitter bow to the green, ones making them into ‘Mistletoes’! 

I think the print cards turned out really well and I might make some more before Christmas and may do them next year too.  They were pretty inexpensive, the cards were £1 for a 10 pack and the paint, Pom poms and googley eyes were only a £1-2 each too. 

Have you made foot or hand print cards? What design did you use?

Hot Pink Wellingtons

23 thoughts on “Baby Print Christmas Cards

  1. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons says:

    We are making our cards next week! I can’t decide whether to do the reindeer like yours or the Santa handprint. Max can be a bit funny about paint on his feet, so perhaps the handprint is a better idea! Yours are lovely – I bet they go down a treat! Thanks for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove

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    • mummymiller says:

      Yes, they’re great fun, plus she’s at an age when you don’t have to worry *too* much about her running off just after painting her foot!


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