What’s on my Christmas Wish List

Every year I ‘um’ and ‘ah’ as to what I want for Christmas, not many people buy for me anymore and when I do get asked I always struggle to come up with an idea.  So I thought I would make a wish list and then if I do get asked I can refer to this!  There’s never anything I really want, so these are just some ideas.

Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts Christmas Decorations

If you know me well, you know I love Emma Bridgewater and I collect the Pink Hearts range.  This year when they added the pink hearts miniature mug, teacup and jug to their decoration range I was so excited.  I love the fact that you can personalise them as well, they’re not too badly priced at £12.95 and then if you want it personalised it’s £1 a letter.

Emma Bridgewater Holly Wreath Old Bowl


Another one from Emma…I don’t have a problem…..(I definitely do!)  when I went on the factory tour earlier this year we got a sneak peek at the Holly Wreath range and I fell in love.  It’s the perfect autumn/winter range and I adore the colours.  I really like the Old Bowls, my mum has a few and they’re the perfect size.

Parent Apparel Gin & On It Tee


I’ve been lusting after this t-shirt for months, it would be perfect for a Friday night!  I love a comfy t-shirt and this definitely looks like it would be super comfortable!

Kitchen Aid Glass Bowl


This is a bit of an expensive one, but ever since I got my Kitchen Aid I have wanted a glass bowl for it.  Typically they did the offer for a free glass bowl with purchase just after my mum had bought me mine (it was our wedding present)!  One day I hope I can either buy it for myself (without feeling super guilty for spending almost £100 on a bowl) or someone very generously gifts it to me (I can dream!!).

Jack Wills Bromsgrove Backpack or Cath Kidston Peony Blossom Backpack

I really need a backpack, I use the baby carrier quite a lot and I find it difficult to carry the changing bag as its a cross body bag.  I love these two backpacks, I am stuck as to which one I like more!

Looking back, I’ve noticed there’s a lot of homeware that I want!!  Is there anything you really want for Christmas?

Cuddle Fairy



11 thoughts on “What’s on my Christmas Wish List

    • mummymiller says:

      You really can’t! (Unless you’re my husband and then he will tell you there’s a limit as to how much he can take 😂) thank you for reading xx


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