We have had a pretty busy month this month, it started with our visit to Oliver’s grandparents in Wales.  We had a great weekend there, but it feels like ages ago!

We have been out walking lots this month, soaking in the colours of autumn and enjoying the cooler weather that has come with it.  Our favourite spot has definitely been RHS Wisley, I think we must have been at least 4 times!

Oliver completed his first term of baby yoga, we’ve signed up for a second term and added baby sensory onto our class list too.  It was all topped off by the Halloween party, which was great fun.  We have made lots of nice mummy and baby friends, Oliver has just got to learn to be a bit more gentle around other babies because funnily enough nobody likes their hair being pulled or being climbed on!! 

We have enjoyed Oliver’s Uncle Graham being around for the past week (Stu’s twin, Oliver has started getting a bit confused when they’re together!) as we have had some lovely walks with him and his dog.

Oliver has got into Halloween, he dressed up and loved the pumpkin, I didn’t have the heart to carve it in front of him because he went mad for it every time I put it out for him to play with!  We really enjoyed picking the pumpkin too, our first trip to pick our own pumpkin!

How was your month of October? Did you do anything fun?


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