Ever since Oliver has started moving, his fascination has always been with bins.  There could be many other interesting things in the room, but no each and every time I put him down he makes a beeline straightfor the bin. Why?! He always manages to pull it over, leaving food waste/rubbish strewn across the floor, whilst I madly try and clear it up before it starts sticking his hands in the mouldy remains.

Annoyingly our kitchen is quite small, as it’s a new build they had put a built in bin in, but they had installed it in the larder, so we don’t use it as I don’t really want stinky rubbish in with my food! So currently we just have a cheaply IKEA waste paper basket as our bin until I can find one we can squeeze in.  Oliver loves this bin, mostly because it has an exciting bag hanging out of it that he can pull without putting much effort in he can tip the bin over!  He loves the recycling basket too, so I usually end up with stinky food waste and packaging strewn across the floor!

Whilst I have my shower in the morning I sit Oliver on the bathroom floor with a couple of toys, within 5 minutes he’s usually bores of the selection and looks around seeing what he can play with next.  Normally he makes his way around the dirty clothes basket, the toothpaste box that daddy left on the floor instead of putting in the bin, the bath mat, what fun!  But oh no, look it’s a bin! Luckily this one has a lid that he has yet to master opening,  (and I hope he doesn’t, nobody wants to clear up stuff that’s in the bathroom bin!) so he usually ends up dragging it along by the pedal.  In our bedrooms he also makes a beeline for the pile of nappies in the bins.

Why are bins so interesting? Why can’t he just play with normal things!

Anyone else have a bin obsessed baby?!

Louise xx

Hot Pink Wellingtons

7 thoughts on “Bins

  1. Annette says:

    🙂 That’s a cute colourful bin, no wonder he is fascinated. I remember Little Button always being really into opening things.. perhaps its the mystery of finding out what is inside. Gorgeous photo. #SharingtheBlogLove

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  2. Kat says:

    Evie’s obsession was always with cardboard boxes. She would play with them and then viciously attack them like a small demon. Now she likes Shopkins though, it took a few years but we eventually moved onto toys so there is hope! #Sharingthebloglove

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